An excellent customer experience
means lasting business success.

Enabling CX transformation: strategy and customer experience aligned

An ideal customer experience is central to a company’s success: providing positive experiences at all touch points, as well as situation-appropriate, relevant content can turn interested buyers into enthusiastic customers and brand ambassadors. Successful CX can help you gain extensive knowledge of your (potential) customers and expose valuable potential when generating and managing leads – giving you an important competitive edge.

msg’s solutions for an optimal customer experience

Processes, resources and strategies need to be intelligently coordinated in order to ensure the successful implementation of customer experience management. We help you realize this process and, in doing so, provide more than just CX consulting: from development, execution and management of complex digital projects to the establishment of individual customer insight strategies, we are at your side with business competence and comprehensive market expertise.


Thomas Strasser CX msg

Thomas Strasser
Head of Global Services

80% of CEOs

are convinced their companies offer an excellent customer experience.
Only  8% of customers

1) Bain 2005, 2) Bain, 2004 3) Oracle, 2011

Almost 90% of customers switch

to a competitor after a negative experience.2


Increasing the customer-
loyalty rate
by just  5% 

can increase businessprofits by at least 25%.3

1) Bain 2005, 2) Bain, 2004 3) Oracle, 2011

How well do you know your customers?

Regardless of whether your goal is to increase customer loyalty, see effective new customer acquisitions or to win back lost customers: it is essential that individual customer expectations be met throughout the entire customer journey. After all, customers change over time as well. 

A suitable and supportive IT infrastructure plays a key role in this process. Data analyses can help you better understand each and every customer and their needs during the different phases of their life.


  • Our technical know-how and high-performance IT solutions help you make the most of your data potential.

Do you know the best way to reach your customers?

The differences in reachability are the result of four different generations: whereas baby boomers tend to prefer personal contact or a phone call, generation Y tends to be more virtual and accessible through social media. 

Meaning, there is no one-size-fits-all principle for customer contact. Instead, a customized one-to-one offer is required here. Since this approach generates a large number of different points of contact, points where customers can come into contact with your product or service, all touch points must be embedded to create a holistic experience – whether online, offline or in person.

  • We develop the IT structure you need to succeed.

Which areas of the company need to work together?

In order to create a uniform and customized customer experience, all key business
processes need to be integrated. Doing so not only requires business skills,
but analytical abilities and technical know-how as well:

  • Analytical:

    Who is my customer?

    Important customer insight can often be gained from data you already have. To derive concrete courses of action from it, the data has to be made usable. We would be happy to help you sustainably structure and analyze your data.
  • Strategic:

    What does my customer want?

    On a technical level, a close look should be taken at the existing business processes so that the right customer experience strategy can be defined. Areas where potential changes may be seen should also be taken into consideration. Transformation consulting can help you categorize potential changes in customer behavior.
  • Technological:

    Which IT will be needed?

    On a technological level, the IT architecture needed to satisfy the requirements that have been identified will need to be determined. The design of the applications should not only meet your customers’ demands, but grab their attention as well.
  • 1

Our consulting & services

  • Costumer & sales analytics
  • Commissions & incentives
  • Sales reporting & controlling
  • Omni-channel management
  • Marketing automation
  • Performance management
  • Sales management
  • Costumer journey management

Make it easy and do it right:

To ensure a successful customer experience, you must make customers

the right offer at the right time and using the right channel.

Having the right digitalization strategy is essential

Six CX success factors


Bringing together different competences

An approach is successful that considers all facets.

Verify customers and their needs through data analyses

Gather information and knowledge from the analysis. Really get to know your customers!

Develop products that focus on CX

Create products and services your customers need – even if they are not yet aware that they need them.

Seamlessly link all touch points

Get your customers’ attention at all touch points and use those touch points efficiently.

Integrate innovative technology

The technologies are out there and are available. Smart combinations create competitive advantages.

Stay alert

Customers change and you need to keep up and stay future-proof.

Our success story

20210621 Cx Referenz Bmw 286x269 V2

Diversified Multi-Org strategy as disruptive blueprint for the Multi-Org dilemma

20210621 Cx Referenz Bmw 286x269 V2

Diversified Multi-Org strategy as disruptive blueprint for the Multi-Org dilemma

„Selecting msgGillardon as our Salesforce Integration Partner was one of the key decisions for the success of the project. We could not have chosen a better partner“

Project Lead

How can we help you realize an optimal customer experience? We would be happy to advise you.

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Thomas Strasser CX msg

Thomas Strasser
Head of Global Services

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